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Home Sales in Marin – the Most and Least Expensive

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As a Marin County Realtor, I thought it would be fun to share with you the least and most expensive home that sold in Marin County.  With a record-breaking year in home sales in Marin in regard to median home price and volume of home sales, we saw strong activity at ALL price points.  The least expensive home sale was a cute bungalow not far from the ocean in Bolinas for $780,000 2bedroom/1 bath and 898 sq ft.  The most expensive home sold in 2020 in Marin was in Tiburon with spectacular city and water views and a pool on 2.2 acres.  The buyer paid $15,043,000 for 6 bedrooms/7 bathrooms and over 10,000 sq ft and sold in just 14 days (all cash!!)

There were close to 3000 homes that sold, besides these 2 in 2020, so the migration pattern from the city was real.  As the COVID restrictions continue to loom, many buyers may still be looking to seek Marin to gain more space, more sunshine, easier access to outdoor space,  and zoom rooms.  We saw a huge uptick in demand for POOLS in Marin home sales!  With everyone being homebound, many wanted to create a summer resort in the own backyard.  Here is a link to some of the best home pools in the world

If you are a seller, it is a great time to sell because with pent-up buyer demand you are likely to have multiple buyers wanting to buy your home (of course you need to properly prep and price your home).   And buying is still a good idea with more purchasing power with interest rates staying low.

I service all of Marin County helping sellers, buyers and investors make informed decisions about  Marin Real Estate.  Please contact me if you want more information about home sales in Marin. I am here to help!

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