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Need Realtor Referrals? Corcoran has your back!

Realtor referrals anywhere in California

Back in January 2020, which seems like a lifetime ago during COVID, the brokerage I worked for, Zephyr, became the first franchisee of the new Corcoran Global Living (CGL).  Now, what does that mean? Zephyr had been a strong independent brokerage in the Bay Area since the 1970s and when Michael Mahon, the CEO of Corcoran Global Living, approached Zephyr to become a franchisee of the brand the offer was too good to pass up.  Corcoran Global Living’s mission is to find successful strong independent brokerages in California and Nevada (and soon to expand further) and collect them under one umbrella so they can have brand recognition, premium marketing materials, respected and connected Realtor referrals, and most importantly, each franchisee could maintain their local management and culture so their independence could continue.   Why is this important?  Because each local market is different than the next and to best accommodate those agents and clients you need to be able to do what is best on a local level!  This is the best of both worlds (the fiercely independent brokerage and the national brand brokerage).  Corcoran Global Living draws on the larger mothership, Corcoran Group, which is a high-end luxury brand in NYC, Hamptons, Chicago, Denver, Hawaii, and many other cities for name recognition, agent training, branding, Realtor referrals, and so much more.

So if you are thinking of moving or know someone moving out of Marin – I can help find trusted Realtor referrals with strong local knowledge of their real estate market.  I have already referred a client to a CGL agent in Tahoe to purchase a second home and they had a 5 -star level of service.  That is what you will get with all CGL agents!  So hit me up with a Realtor referral!

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